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breguet guilloche

Its more than pretty, though; it is practical, too. Welded lugs make the case remarkably robust. And inside, it houses Breguet's caliber 777 self-winding movement. This mechanism includes excessive-tech Swiss straight-line lever escapement and steadiness-spring in silicon (extra silicon means much less friction which means a extra correct and long-lasting timekeeper).

But La Custom's innovations are largely evolutionary. In contrast, the 2014 Classique Chronométrie 7727 deploys a revolutionary magnetic based escapement, which significantly improves timekeeping precision, and greatest captures, I feel, the technical ingenuity of Abraham-Louis Breguet. Marc Hayek, the current CEO of Breguet and different manufacturers, and grandson of Nicolas Hayek, agrees. The search for precision was so necessary to him,” he says of Abraham-Louis.

Breguet continues to work in this route, perpetuating the custom of this great watchmaker who has turn out to be a reference in positive watchmaking, and whose watches are actually additionally equipped with minute repeater with a timbre spring - the spring blade, wrapped across the movement, on which the hammers of a repeater watch are struck. One of these invention by Abraham-Louis Breguet has become a reference in the basic complication watch - traditional in its design, very modern in its movement. Breguet watches have been notably awarded the "Aiguille d'Or" prize at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, a highly coveted prize that represents the very best distinction of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.

Under the loop, the Tradition Tourbillon reveals the particular features that make its grandness, including its technical prowess with 4 registered patents. Breguet pairs this text with the story of the unique conception of the Tourbillon, invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet and patented in 1801.

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