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breguet ref 3337

Carriage clocks are a relic of horology's bygone days. Another feature of the earlier souscriptions is the white enamel dial clearly marked with a minute circle and hours marked in Arabic for the only steel hand. Right here the dial is signed 'Breguet' above the '6' numeral, but there may be also a Breguet 'secret signature' beneath the 12 numeral, which reads 'Souscription N° 267 Breguet' in miniature. This device was adopted by Breguet as proof of authenticity against the ever-present forgeries being made at the time. The quantity does not agree with the motion number 2267, however that is most likely a genuine mistake on the Breguet workshops. The dial is signed 'Borel' within the counter enamel, maybe the signature of Philippe Borel, a quadratuerier identified to have been working in Paris in 1781, and for Breguet.

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French Carriage clocks were ultimately mass-produced and comes with a variety of case types just like the Corniche, Gorge, Anglaise, Ovis and Cannalee. There have been additionally these with complicated designs extending to the case with engravings and porcelain dials.

The bottom motion is Caliber 77FO, which has a silicon escapement. The watch has four patents defending its two-time-zone function and its date show. There are three variations of the dial, one exhibiting Europe and Africa, another the Americas, and a third Asia and the Pacific Ocean.