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breguet 7137bb119v6

First, there's the dial. Normally the Classique comes in either a white enamel or gold engine-turned dial. To honor Japanese cultural preferences, the Home of Breguet instead opted for a deep blue Grand Feu” enamel dial. The face actually glows! And in contrast to other variations of this model, there is no such thing as a date show—it's purely a time-solely piece.

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From the primary wrist watch to inventing the tourbillon and chronograph, horology owes all the things the Breguet, and this Breguet Classique Handbook Wind is an expensive yellow gold end result of that history. A cornerstone of Swiss watch-making since 1775, Breguet timepieces are among the most esteemed and elite you will find.

When various watch firm CEOs have been requested by a Swiss trade magazine to name the watch they might need to own, if they have been to choose one not from their very own manufacturers, a shocking majority mentioned, Breguet Custom”. If Breguet is special to the high-quality watches lovers, it is because its founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823), set the usual of wonderful watchmaking. Ever since he opened his Paris workshop in 1775, he's answerable for some of the most essential horological innovations, such as the tourbillon complication. His heirs at Breguet keep on making every watch as a model of supreme horological artwork.